2014 Training Calendar

Global Tuberculosis Institute (GTBI) web-based seminars are open to all participants in the United States.  For in-person courses, GTBI prioritizes participants from the Northeast Region (Baltimore, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York City, New York State, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington, DC), which is served by GTBI.

Below is our preliminary training calendar for 2014. The calendar will updated with new information as trainings are scheduled, so please check back regularly for updates and additional information.


November 6
Hartford, CT
Tuberculosis at a Crosroads: Staying on Track Towards Elimination

This training will provide updates on current topics in tuberculosis to increase provider awareness and knowledge of TB. For additional information, please contact Jennifer K. Campbell at jennifer.k.campbell@rutgers.edu.



November 13
Burlington, VT
Management of Contacts to TB Cases

This training will cover public health and clinical approaches to assessing and managing contacts to people with suspected or confirmed pulmonary TB. Topics will include transmission and pathogenesis, contact investigation procedures and protocols, interviewing contacts, and clinical assessment of contacts. For additional information please contact Nisha Ahamed at ahamedni@rutgers.edu.


Medical Update Webinar

This web-based seminar will highlight relevant clinical issues for the diagnosis and medical management of tuberculosis. For additional information, please contact Anita Khilall at khilalan@njms.rutgers.edu

December 4, 11 & 18
TB Case Management for Nurses
This web-based course will cover nurse case management of TB patients and include the topics of nursing process, effective communication, cultural competency, working with special populations, adherence, and developing a case management plan.  Participants should have an understanding of the fundamentals of tuberculosis epidemiology, transmission, and treatment prior to registering for this course.  The course will utilize live and recorded lectures, discussions and exercises.  Each live session lasts 90 minutes. Participants must be committed to attend all 3 sessions and complete the offline work.  For additional information, please contact Ms. Rajita Bhavaraju at bhavarrr@rutgers.edu.



Course Name Date Location
Clinical Update: Meeting the Challenges of Managing TB with New Tools of the Trade
February 26
Boston, MA
Annual World TB Day Conference: One City. World World. Zero TB.
March 21
Long Island City, NY
TB Intensive
April 7-11
Newark, NJ
Strategies and Approaches for Video-based Directly Observed Therapy (DOT)
May 1
Annual Nurse's Day Conference
May 9
Long Island City, NY
TB Contact Investigation Interviewing Skills Refresher Course
May 15
Philadelphia, PA
TB Contact Investigations in Congregate Settings
May 20
Annapolis, MD
TB Contact Investigations in Congregate Settings
May 21
Silver Spring, MD
TB Intensive
July 15-18
Newark, NJ
TB Contact Investigation Interviewing Workshop
July 24 & Aug 12-14
Concord, NH
TB Intensive

September 9-12

Newark, NJ
Rhode Island Tuberculosis Update September 23
Providence, RI
TB Program Management
October 1
Annapolis, MD
Pennsylvania TB Clinician's Meeting
October 2
Harrisburg, PA
TB Medical Consultant's Meeting October 15-16
Newark, NJ