Northeastern Spotlight

Fall 2017 Volume 12 – Number 2

News and Announcements

Massachusetts TB Program: Outreach to Dental Practices

The Massachusetts TB Program was recently approached by dental practitioners in the State requesting lectures on TB. The TB program staff presented first to a large dental practice and then to dental public health, doctoral and masters degree students from universities in the Boston area. The talks covered regional TB epidemiology, TB infection, TB disease, common transmission dynamics, TB testing, treatment options, best practices for TB prevention and infection control practices in dental healthcare settings. Approximately 50 current or prospective dental practitioners received TB education. The audience was very receptive and engaged. Many participants had patient populations that were representative of communities of increased TB risk. The Massachusetts TB program was excited about this opportunity to broaden education outreach and work with new partners to reach at-risk populations and advance TB elimination. The visibility garnered through the TB educational sessions has led to TB Program staff receiving invitations to speak at other venues.