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Cultural Competency

Cultural Competency and Tuberculosis Care: A Guide for Self-Study and Self-Assessment

This print resource was developed for the public health workforce and other healthcare providers. It is intended as a tool to begin to explore the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for cultural competency in general, with a focus on TB control activities. The guide utilizes a culture general perspective and includes a self-assessment tool, teaching cases and links to other cultural competency resources.
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Issue #21 "In a New Country, She Had a Village " Fall 2017

The article highlights some of the experiences of a Somali family after their arrival in the US from a refugee camp and their transition to MN. It also includes some of the challenges and successful strategies for treating pediatric contacts for TB infection.
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Issue #20 "Supportive Adjustment to a New Life Makes TB Care Possible " Fall 2016 

Issue #19 "Patient Centered TB Care: Meeting in the Middle, Nigeria to New Hampshire " Fall 2015

Issue #18 "Understanding Cultural Differences " Fall 2014

Issue #17 "Working Through Communication Challenges " Spring 2013

Issue #16 "Assessing Ourselves " Winter 2013

Issue #15 "From Isolation to Vocation" Summer 2012

Issue #14 "Finding My Voice" Spring 2012

Issue #13 "No Woman Is An Island" December 2011

Issue #12 "Complex Caring: The Challenge of TB-HIV Co-Infection" December 2010

Issue #11 "A Family Affair" June 2010

Issue #10 "Engaging the Patient" December 2009

Issue #9 "My Interpretation" Winter 2009

Issue #8 "Working with Migrant Farm Workers" Fall 2008

Issue #7 "Reaching Out to Burmese Refugees" Spring 2008

Issue #6 "A Patient Centered Approach" June 2007

Issue #5 "SPECIAL ISSUE: TB and the Subculture of Methamphetamine Users" Winter 2007

Issue #4 "We are going to go through this together" June 2006

Issue #3 "Brother to Brother" December 2005

Issue #2 "Dose by Dose" December 2004

Issue #1 "Striving Towards Cultural Competence: An Outreach Perspective" June 2004