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TB Training Roadmap for Public Health Nurses

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To provide effective tuberculosis (TB) control and prevention activities, public health nurses should possess the necessary background knowledge and skills. This Training Roadmap allows you to design a personalized training guide, utilizing a wide range of existing resources.

There are many TB resources available. The materials included in the Roadmap are our recommendations for a nurse new to TB. Many of these materials are also appropriate for other TB staff, such as disease investigators.

If you are a supervisor: Use the Roadmap Training Plan to create a custom list of materials for your employee to review. Steer the new nurse to the right information, track what has been learned, and make sure the next learning opportunity is the right one. Visit the Supervisor page to learn more.

If you are a mentor: A special section for mentors helps you find learning resources to give you more background and give the person you mentor the guidance they need to grow into their new job. Visit the Mentor page to learn more. 

If you are a trainer/educator: You can use the Roadmap as a resource for finding appopriate and relevant educational materials. Visit the Trainer/Educator page to learn more.

If you are a Public Health Nurse (PHN): TB is new to you and you want to quickly master the knowledge and skills you need.  This is just the tool for you!  Work with your supervisor to create a Roadmap Training Plan, a customized learning guide that is relevant to your work. Visit the Public Health Nurse page to learn more.

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