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Drug-O-Gram Feedback Form

Using a scale of 1 to 5 (with 1 being not useful at all and 5 being very useful), please rate how useful you find this program?

Not Useful
Very Useful

Please describe how the drug-o-gram was used? (Click all that apply)

To determine a patient’s treatment regimen prior to availability of culture results

To determine a patient’s treatment regimen after culture results became availability

To monitor a patient’s response to treatment

For use in a case presentation or paper

To obtain medical consultation from another physician

Other, please specify:


Did you experience any of the following difficulties while using this program? (Click all that apply)

Installing/downloading the program

Using menu options

Using pull down menus

Saving/opening a drug-o-gram

Deleting drugs, smear, culture, susceptibility/DOT adherence

Using the zoom range feature

Inserting the drug-o-gram into a Powerpoint presentation
Other, please specify:

What did you find most useful?

What did you find least useful?

What would you suggest to improve the Drug-O-Gram?


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