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Facility TB Profile: Working with Community Health Agencies to Strengthen LTBI Activities
This resource will provide health departments with the ability to identify healthcare facilities in the community where targeted TB testing and treatment of LTBI are likely to be most successful and efficient. Used in conjunction with another product, Identifying Missed Opportunities for Preventing TB, health departments should be able to make a compelling case for strengthening activities in specific target facilities in the community.

(PDF, 931KB)

Additional documents (forms) may also be viewed by selecting the links below:

  • Facility TB Profile (p. 16) [PDF] [DOC]
  • Sample Cover Letter (p. 18) [PDF] [DOC]
  • Facility TB Profile Summary Table (p. 19) [PDF] [XLS]
  • Facility Profile Summary Table (Example by facility type and name) [PDF]
  • Facility Profile Summary Table (Example by # clients with LTBI, p.21) [PDF]
  • Facility TB Profile Summary Table (Selection Criteria p.22) [PDF] [XLS]