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Tuberculosis Education for School Nurses: A Traininer's Guide

Sample Pre-test and Post-test

This test should be used prior to the training program (pre-test) as a needs assessment and after the learning materials have been presented (post-test) for evaluation purposes. Take the average score of both tests and compare them to assess the effectiveness of your training. Also, you may look at individual questions and their average scores as well. You may download a copy of this test and its answers by clicking here.

Please indicate whether this is a pre-test or post-test by circling one of the following.




1. TB is transmitted through

a. blood

b. droplet nuclei

c. saliva

d. hand contact

e. urine


2. Which of the following is not characteristic of TB infection?

a. positive tuberculin skin test reaction

b. presence of tubercle bacilli in the body

c. chest X-ray is normal

d. sputum smear is positive

e. treatment with one drug


3. A positive tuberculin skin test result means that a patient

a. possibly has TB disease

b. had BCG vaccine

c. has TB and is infectious

d. is allergic to PPD solution

e. possibly has TB infection


4. A tuberculin skin test result is most accurate when read how long after placement?

a. 1 hour

b. 24-36 hours

c. 48-72 hours

d. 5 days

e. 7 days


 5. If a patient had BCG, a tuberculin skin test should be

a. not done at all

b. read as smaller than it really is

c. read as usual, ignoring the vaccination history

d. read as larger than it really is

e. read according to the size of the BCG vaccination scar


6. Before drug sensitivity results are available, how many drugs are used for a child who has a positive tuberculin skin test and signs and symptoms of TB?

a. 1

b. 2

c. 3

d. 4

e. none


7. Directly observed therapy (DOT) can be administered by all of the following except by

a. a trained outreach worker

b. a school nurse

c. parent or guardian

d. a physician

e. a physician assistant


8. Which indicates the proper documentation of a positive tuberculin skin test result?

a. millimeter reading of induration transversely

b. millimeter reading of induration transversely by longitudinally

c. millimeter reading of any erythema or bruising with induration

d. writing the result as positive or negative

e. millimeter reading of the circumference of induration


9. If a child does not appear for medication(s) at a scheduled time, the first thing a school nurse should do is

a. mark the child as absent

b. discretely locate child

c. call the child's teacher

d. call the child’s parent/guardian

e. mark the child as refusing medications


10. If a child has had a documented positive Mantoux tuberculin skin test, the school nurse should

a. continue to screen the child with a tuberculin skin test and read the result as usual

b. continue to screen the child with a tuberculin skin test and read the result as smaller as usual

c. screen the child with a yearly X-ray

d. use a multiple-puncture tuberculin skin test

e. do nothing if there are no symptoms of TB



a. Total # of questions correct:_____

b. (# in part a)_____ ) 10 = _____

c. (# in part b)_____ X 100% = ____


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