TB Training Roadmap-Directly Observed Therapy (DOT)

Training Materials
Directly Observed Therapy Training Curriculum for TB Control Programs


Organization: Curry International Tuberculosis Institute (CITC)

Year: 2003

Description: This training curriculum is designed to improve the skills of DOT workers in public health TB control programs. It addresses skills required to conduct DOT such as promoting patient adherence to TB treatment, protecting patient confidentiality, and working with culturally diverse populations. The curriculum includes a trainer’s guide and participant materials, as well as handouts, training outlines, slide presentations, and an educational videotape.

Format: Teaching Guide/Training Curriculum


Strategies and Approaches for Using Video-Based Directly Observed Therapy


Organization: Global Tuberculosis Institute (GTBI)

Year: 2014

Description:This webinar includes an overview of video-based DOT, describes implementation strategies, and shares case studies and outcomes from a diverse group of healthcare workers in various settings.

Format: Webinar (81 minutes)



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