TB Training Roadmap-Case Management

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Self-study Module 6: Managing Tuberculosis Patients and Promoting Adherence
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Organization: CDC

Year: 2014

Description: These modules are designed for health care workers and provide TB programmatic information. The modules include information on managing patients and improving adherence 

Format: Self-study modules

Tuberculosis Case Management for Nurses: Self-Study Modules


Organization:Global Tuberculosis Instistute (GTBI)

Year: 2001

Description: These four self-study modules provide an overview of public health nursing and discuss the fundamentals of TB case management, leadership skills of the nurse case manager and management of the pediatric patient. Each module contains review questions and references.

Format: Self-study modules

Asking the Right Questions: A Visual Guide to Tuberculosis Case Management for Nurses Kit


Organization: Curry International Tuberculosis Center (CITC)

Year: 2010

Description: An educational toolkit useable for self-paced learning or for a combination of facilitated classroom and self-paced learning. It has three components: the Web Guide, Visual Guide, and Reference Guide.

Format: Toolkit

Case Studies in TB: Nurse Case Management Training Tools for Patient Success reatment of LTBI Multimedia Video


Organization: Heartland National Tuberculosis Center (HNTC)

Year: 2010

Description: This collection of nursing case studies and their accompanying tools are intended to complement a TB program’s education and training of its nursing staff.¬†The cases are based on real-life experiences of TB nurse case managers in the Heartland Region and are designed to illustrate key concepts in TB control and prevention.

Format: Booklet


Resource Materials

Tuberculosis Medication Drug and Food Interactions


Organization: HNTC

Year: 2010

Description: This information card provides information on the multiple significant drug interactions between TB medications; specifically, INH, rifampin, and other medications and the effect of the interaction. It also provides information on food interactions with first and second-line TB drugs.

Format: Information Card


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