TB Training Roadmap-Diabetes

Selected Training and Resource Materials
TB & Diabetes


Organization: Southeastern National Tuberculosis Center (SNTC)

Year: 2013

Description: Diabetes has been linked to a higher risk of progression of latent TB infection to active disease. As the control of these diseases are essential public health priorities, in this webinar we look at the epidemiology of TB and Diabetes, explore the need for early detection practices for both diseases and discuss the importance of management to improve care and ultimately TB outcomes.

Format: Webinar (95:19 minutes)


Tuberculosis and Diabetes Webinar


Organization: Curry International Tuberculosis Center (CITC)

Year: 2009

Description: This webinar is for clinicians in the United States who may treat or screen patients with tuberculosis, diabetes, or both diseases. 

Format: Webinar (120 minutes)


Rifamycins and Anti-Diabetic Agents-Drug Drug Interactions


Organization: Heartland National Tuberculosis Center

Year: 2012

Description: A 2-sided diagram for clinicians and healthcare providers that describes drug-drug interactions of Rifamycins and Anti-Diabetic Agents.

Format: Factsheet



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