TB Training Roadmap-Homeless Shelters

Selected Training and Resource Materials

TB Among the Homeless: Dealing with Unique Challenges

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Organization: GTBI

Year: 2011

Description: This webinar explore the health factors that coexist with tuberculosis among homeless persons, as well as successful strategies for the prevention and control of tuberculosis among homeless persons in the US. 

Format: Webinar (51:40 minutes)


Shelters and TB: What Staff Need to Know, Second Edition
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Organization: Curry International Tuberculosis Center (CITC)

Year: 2013

Description: This video helps train all shelter staff and volunteers about how to prevent the spread of TB in homeless shelters. It describes what TB is, how it is spread, what to do when you suspect someone has TB, how to develop and implement a TB infection control policy, and how you and your local health department can work together to create a healthy and safe environment for staff and clients.

Format:Video and Viewer's Guide or YouTube video (18:08 minutes)



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