TB Training Roadmap - For Mentors


You've been selected as a mentor for a nurse new to TB. As a mentor, you can guide a nurse in their TB learning process, answer questions, and support the learning they need. 

Use the Roadmap Training Plan and Roadmap Directory to guide a nurse new to TB. Nurses may benefit from a facilitated discussion of the materials. Ideally, you or a supervisor can discuss key materials with the nurse and assess their learning. You can also:

  • Make the nurse feel comfortable while they are learning about TB
  • Answer any questions they may have
  • Arrange for the nurse to observe someone who can model specific TB-related actions
  • Make sure the nurse takes the tests and does the exercises in self-study materials
  • Discuss any areas the nurse may have trouble with
  • Connect the nurse with the network of other experienced TB Public Health Nurses in your area

Key materials of the Roadmap are the following:


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