TB Training Roadmap-Schools and Colleges

Selected Training and Resource Materials
Tuberculosis Handbook for School Nurses


Organization: GTBI

Year: 2011

Description:This handbook has been prepared for school nurses who may be responsible for implementing tuberculin testing programs in their schools or working in collaboration with community providers in both the public and private sectors to manage the care of a child with tuberculosis (TB) disease or latent TB infection (LTBI).

Format: Booklet

image PDF imageAddendum 2014 PDF

Additional documents (forms):

  • Double-sided Booklet Version image
  • TB Risk Assessment Tool image
  • Test for TB Infection Record image
  • Adverse Reaction Assessment Adverse Reaction Assessment
  • Medication Request image
  • DOT Log image
  • DOT Log (508 Compliant Version) image
Tuberculosis Education for School Nurses: A Trainer's Guide


Organization: Global Tuberculosis Institute (GTBI)

Year: 2010

Description: This web-based training guide provides the methodology for training and educating school nurses on tuberculosis. It contains presentation materials on TB and skin testing and includes resources, lecture materials and teaching strategies.

Format: Web-based training


Model Tuberculosis Prevention Program for College Campuses


Organization: Heartland National TB Center.

Year: 2007

Description: This manual provides student health centers at colleges and universities with a guide for developing and implementing a TB screening and testing program. It includes many helpful resources that can be modified and used by individual campuses.

Format: Booklet



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