TB Training Roadmap-Substance Use & Mental Health

Selected Training and Resource Materials
Alcohol, Cigarettes and Tuberculosis


Organization: Curry International Tuberculosis Center

Year: 2011

Description: This webinar is for clinicians and others who provide services to TB patients or persons at risk for TB with significant alcohol and/or tobacco use.

Format: Webinar (90 minutes)


TB & Cultural Competency: TB and the Subculture of Methamphetamine Users


Organization: Global Tuberculosis Institite (GTBI)

Year: 2007

Description: This newsletter describes how healthcare workers worked with a group of clients who were actively using drugs.

Format: Newsletter article


Working with Patients with Mental Health Issues


Organization: GTBI

Year: 2006

Description: Patients’ mental health issues can adversely impact TB treatment adherence and completion, as well as successful contact investigation. This webinar will increase participants’ ability to recognize common mental health disorders and how best to assess and intervene when patients present with mental health needs. This knowledge will increase participants’ ability to work more effectively with patients having mental health needs.

Format: Webinar



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