2021 NAR Post Graduate Course

The CDC TB Centers of Excellence for Training, Education, and Medical Consultation post graduate course was held on February 24, 2021. The course explored the dynamic and essential role of the laboratory in the diagnosis and management of persons with tuberculosis with the main goal of providing an overview of the expanding toolbox available to TB focused laboratories and how to apply results in the clinical setting. Illustrative case examples delve into available testing methods, highlight challenges in test interpretation and clinical application, and emphasize the importance of communication between the clinician and laboratorian as part of a collaborative approach.

Welcome and Overview and the Role of the Laboratory


Clinician and Laboratory Collaboration to Solve Diagnostic Challenges

Resistance Testing & Interpretation of Discordant Test Results

The Role of MICs in Optimizing TB Treatment



The Role of the Laboratory
Diagnostic Challenges
Resistance Testing and Discordant Results
The Role of MICs