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New York City World TB Day

Thomas Q. Garvey World TB Day Public Health Lecture


Considerations for the New Four-Month Rifapentine-Moxifloxacin Regimen for Drug-Susceptible TB in the U.S.

Essential Components of a TB Program: An Overview

Inaugural Thomas Q. Garvey Public Health Lecture


Challenges in TB Care for Migrants

Communicating about Public Health in Times of Crisis: Strategies for TB Programs and Staff during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Corrections Webinar Series: Updates on LTBI Testing and Treatment for Correctional Settings

Corrections Webinar Series: Release Plan for Corrections: Best Practices and Strategies for Change

Ending Stigma as Part of Patient-Centered Tuberculosis Care

Impact of COVID-19 on TB Services

New England Focus on LTBI Series: Priority for LTBI

New England Focus on LTBI Series: Diagnosis of LTBI

New England Focus on LTBI Series: Treatment of LTBI

Targeted Testing and Treatment of TB in Children


Tuberculosis in New Jersey - Statewide Surveillance Report 2018 - Slides only available

2019 CDC/NTCA Recommendations for Health Care Personnel (HCP): What TB Programs Need to Know

What Family Physicians Need to Know about LTBI

What Pediatric Providers Need to Know About Latent Tuberculosis Infection


Use of EMRs for TB Programs: Benefits and Challenges

Practical Implementation of the 2016 ATS/CDC/IDSA Treatment of Drug-Susceptible Tuberculosis Guidelines: Caveats and Controversies


ATS/CDC/IDSA Clinical Practice Guidelines: Treatment of Drug-Susceptible Tuberculosis

Tricks of the Trade: Strategies for Pediatric TB Case Management

Tuberculosis in the School Setting: Collaborations in Care


Changing the Conversation: Human Rights and the Power of Words in Tuberculosis Care

The Intersection between Tuberculosis and Mental Health


Strategies and Approaches for Video-Based Directly Observed Therapy (DOT)


Pitfalls in the Diagnosis & Management of Tuberculosis

Behavioral & Social Science: Implications for TB Control


Practical Uses of Epidemiology for TB Control

Head to Toe: Case Studies of Extra-pulmonary Tuberculosis

TB Among the Homeless: Dealing with Unique Challenges


Treatment of TB: Managing Adverse Drug Effects

TB Cohort Review in Action: Putting It All Together

Key Activities and Roles in the TB Cohort Review Process


Diagnosis and Management of Tuberculosis in the Pregnant Patient

Introduction to the TB Cohort Review Process