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Basic Epidemiology for Tuberculosis Program Staff

The 2nd edition of this guide provides a background on basic epidemiology for TB program staff as well as descriptions of how these concepts can be... Read More

Conducting the Tuberculosis Congregate Setting Contact Investigation

This 34-minute instructional video was developed for TB program staff and provides an overview for planning and conducting congregate setting contact investigations.... Read More

Diagnosis and Treatment of Latent Tuberculosis Infection

This pocket-sized drug treatment card for clinicians provides information on diagnosis of latent tuberculosis infection, therapy options...Read More

Ethics of Tuberculosis Prevention, Care and Control Training Curriculum

This curriculum for an Ethics of Tuberculosis Prevention, Care and Control training includes a facilitator-led training guide along with... Read More


TB Toolkit for Community Health Centers and Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC)

This toolkit is designed to provide key information for both health departments and community health centers... Read More

Implementation of the Online Childhood TB Training for Healthcare Workers Course

The Union’s online training course in Childhood TB for Healthcare Workers can be completed independently....Read More

Incorporating Tuberculosis Education into Nursing School Curricula

This online resource is designed to provide nursing school faculty with materials they can use to introduce students to the management of tuberculosis... Read More

LTBI Card: Patient’s TB Testing and Treatment Record

This wallet-sized card provides LTBI patients with a permanent record of their tuberculin skin test, chest x-ray and treatment status. Patients can carry the card at all... Read More


Lo que deben saber los padres la infeccion de la tuberculosis en los ninos (What Parents Need to Know About Tuberculosis (TB) Infection in Children)

This brochure contains the same information as the English language brochure... Read More

Outpatient Infusion Therapy for Multi-drug Resistant Tuberculosis: A Practical Guide

Infusion therapy offers an important treatment option for multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) when long-term injectable medications are required... Read More

Performance Guidelines: A Supervisor’s Guide for the Development and Assessment of Field Investigation Skills

This resource provides supervisors with methods for training and tools to assess a healthcare... Read More

Planning & Implementing the TB Case Management Conference: A unique opportunity for networking, peer support and ongoing training

The case management conference provides a forum for... Read More

Rifamycin Drug-Drug Interactions: A Guide for Primary Care Providers Treating LTBI

This guide summarizes drug-drug interactions (DDI) between drugs commonly used in primary care and rifamycins, in the context of treatment of  LTBI. Note that in the... Read More

TB Training Roadmap for Public Health Nurses

To provide effective tuberculosis (TB) control and prevention activities, public health nurses should possess the necessary background... Read More

TB Interviewing for Contact Investigation: A Practical Resource for the Healthcare Worker

This resource set includes an interview checklist and detailed TB interview outline booklet. The checklist ... Read More

Tuberculosis Case Management: A Guide for Nurses

This guide, intended for nurses who are responsible for case management of patients with TB, provides information on the TB case management process.... Read More

Treatment of Drug Susceptible Tuberculosis (TB) in Adults

This pocket-size drug treatment card for clinicians, provides an overview of management and treatment of drug susception TB disease... Read More


Tuberculosis Contact Investigation in Congregate Settings: A Resource for Evaluation

This resource is designed for use in the evaluation of contact investigations in congregate... Read More

Tuberculosis Handbook for School Nurses

This handbook has been prepared for school nurses, who can play an integral role in the screening and management of children with LTBI and TB disease.  The booklet includes a section on TB... Read More

We Are TB Posters - Online TB Support Groups

These posters were developed with We Are TB and the New Jersey Department of Health and provide information on free online support groups in English and Spanish for people affected by TB. The posters can be displayed in health care settings or provided to patients.... Read More


  Brief Guide on Tuberculosis Control for Primary Health Care Providers for Countries in the WHO European Region with a High and Intermediate Burden of Tuberculosis

This guide has been written with the aim of developing the knowledgeawareness, and skills of pr... Read More

Cultural Competency and Tuberculosis Care: A Guide for Self-Study and Self-Assessment

This print resource was developed for the public health workforce and other healthcare providers. It isintended as a tool to begin to explore the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for cultural competency in general, with a focus on... Read More

Diagnosis and Treatment of Latent Tuberculosis Infection (LTBI) in Children and Adolescents

This new pocket-sized card based on recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics is intended as brief reference for pediatric...Read More

Effective Interviewing for Tuberculosis Contact Investigation

This 57-minute teaching video provides an overview of interviewing for TB contact investigation and includes excerpts of a TB interview and a re-interview... Read More

Implementing Legal Interventions for the Control of Tuberculosis

This resource describes a process by which TB programs can effectively implement legal interventions to gain and maintain the adherence of their... Read More


Incorporating Tuberculosis into Public Health Core Curricula

The New Jersey Medical School Global Tuberculosis Institute, one of four Regional Training and Medical Consultation Centers funded by the Centers... Read More


This interactive online tool is intended for clinicians, including those in primary care settings, and can be used to inform clinical decision making. The tool employs l... Read More

LTBI Videos

These multimedia videos cover screening, diagnosis and treatment of Latent Tuberculosis Infection. The multimedia videos are targeted to community health providers... Read More


Management of Latent Tuberculosis Infection in Children and Adolescents: A Guide for the Primary Care Provider

This handbook is a resource for primary care providers. Topics include targeted testing, risk assessment, and... Read More


Patient Education Videos

This series of videos can be used to provide or reinforce key educational messages about TB... Read More


Pediatric TB Risk Assessment Tool

These resources are intended to assist clinicians in assessing risk for TB in children and guide decision making for testing and treatment of TB infection... Read More

Performance Guidelines for Contact Investigation: The TB Interview

This manual provides a structured plan for the training, development and evaluation of healthcare workers involved in contact investigation. It focuses... Read More

Sputum Collection Videos

This resource provides patients with instructions for giving a quality sputum sample... Read More


TB Simulated Patients: A Training Resource for the Contact Investigation Interview

The manual describes the methods for utilizing patient scenarios for interviewing training and provides.... Read More


Treatment of Tuberculosis: Standard Therapy for Active Disease in Children

This pocket-size drug treatment card for clinicians provides information on the standard anti-tuberculosis therapy for active disease in children, including... Read More

TB Field Investigation: A Resource for the Health Care Worker

This resource describes the TB field investigation process including pre-investigation preparation, communication with individuals in the field... Read More


Tuberculosis Education and the Congregate Setting Contact Investigation: A Resource for the Public Health Worker

This web-based resource will assist public health workers as they plan and conduct an effective TB education session in the congregate... Read More


What Parents Need to Know About Tuberculosis (TB) Infection In Children

This brochure provides parents with important information on tuberculosis infection in children. It is designed in a question and answer... Read More


What You Need to Know About Tuberculosis

This portable TB patient education resource was developed for TB program staff, including physicians, nurses, disease investigators... Read More



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