Education and Training  

The Global Tuberculosis Institute’s education and training staff uses their wealth of knowledge and experience to develop relevant educational resources, training programs and distance learning opportunities. Training courses and individualized programs on specific tuberculosis-related topics are shared with physicians, nurses, healthcare workers and government leaders across the country and around the world. We also offer web-based educational opportunities for those who may not be able to travel, yet desire the latest tuberculosis information. Our website houses a wide range of downloadable resources and the training staff provides technical assistance to providers as well as TB programs to develop and integrate training into their own unique setting.

Core Courses

Please see below for more information about our core courses. Please visit our training calendar to learn more about upcoming sessions of these courses.

Focus on Latent Tuberculosis Infection (LTBI)
This one-day course focuses on the nuances of LTBI testing and treatment and is targeted for providers working in primary care, college health, and other relevant settings. Topics include transmission and pathogenesis, targeted testing, testing methods (IGRAs vs. TST, when to use each test, interpreting test results), treatment and management of LTBI (current guidelines, regimen selection, strategies for adherence, patient education), and case-based discussions.

TB Intensive Workshop
This workshop for clinicians provides comprehensive information on the diagnosis and treatment of TB, as well as management of TB in special populations. Topics include transmission and pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of LTBI and TB disease, infection control, drug resistance, TB-HIV co-infection, TB in children and adolescents, TB and diabetes, extrapulmonary TB, and key aspects of patient management. The format includes interactive lectures, case presentations, and panel discussions.

Effective Interviewing for TB Contact Investigation
This skills-building course reviews fundamentals of the TB contact investigation and interviewing using a variety of didactic presentations, interactive exercises, role playing, and simulated patient interviews. Topics include TB transmission and pathogenesis, the systematic steps for conducting contact investigations, deciding when to initiate an investigation, determining the infectious period, prioritizing contacts, the TB interview, communication skills, and congregate setting contact investigations.

TB Case Management for Nurses
This interactive online course addresses specific aspects of TB case management from a nursing perspective using a case-based approach. Topics include fundamentals of TB nurse case management, documentation for case management, patient-centered care, TB contact investigations, pediatric TB, and management of side effects. The format includes videos, brief lectures, case reviews, and guided discussions.