Global Programs

The Institute has a long history of leadership and expertise in program development, education, training and research, working closely with international organizations, national TB programs, non-governmental organizations, healthcare providers and others. GTBI experts provide technical assistance on a variety of topics including ethical issues in TB, TB at the primary healthcare level, TB/HIV co-infection, multi-drug resistant TB and patient care in the private sector. Physicians and educators from the Institute have participated in training, conferences, presentations and symposia around the world.


GTBI has significant experience in the international TB arena.  Selected accomplishments, in collaboration with partners include:

What GTBI can do for you

Specific services that GTBI can provide include:

  • Needs assessments: Assessments can be conducted as background for programmatic interventions or specifically for development of training materials and curricula.  Assessments will provide understanding and insight for the development of innovative and effective ways to improve the management of TB
  • Technical assistance and training for specific clinical and programmatic areas including:
    • Development of training materials for health care workers, patients and community members, using a tailored  systematic approach
    • Ethical issues in management of TB
    • TB/HIV care and treatment, including integration of services and clinical care
    • Strategies and approaches for preventing, diagnosing, and treating pediatric TB
    • Use of surgical interventions for MDR-TB
  • Technical assistance for planning and implementing a TB Center of Excellence
  • Human resources development:  Specific training and guidance on development and implementation of HRD plans can be provided including development of an overall strategy as well as specific training or approaches to meet identified needs
  • Individualized training programs: Development programs in specific aspects of TB control for physicians, nurses, educators, government officials and others. Specialized training can be tailored to meet the interests and needs of international participants, aiming to build the knowledge and skills of persons working in these settings

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