TB 101 Series

Date: June 23 - September 15, 2023
Location: Online

This 13-part webinar series will provide an introduction to the fundamentals of tuberculosis (TB). Topics will include TB transmission, epidemiology, testing and treatment of LTBI, diagnosis and treatment of TB disease, pediatrics, contact investigations, case management, infection control, and managing adverse drug reactions.

This webinar series is open to nurses, public health field staff, and other professionals who are new to TB and are involved in the care of patients at risk for or diagnosed with TB infection or disease.

This webinar series will build upon basic TB concepts and it is recommended that participants review the following resources:

It is recommended that individuals join all of the sessions for a more comprehensive overview of TB. However, some may choose to join individual sessions based on availability. For the best learning experience, participants are required to join the session by video and bring questions based on the recommended reading.

Please note that Continuing Education Credits will not be provided for this series.

The live sessions will be held on Fridays at 10:00 - 11:15 am ET, the dates are shown below.

Date Topic Speaker Handouts & Resources Recording
June 23 Transmission and pathogenesis Farah Parvez, MD


June 30 Epidemiology of TB Neil Schluger, MD Slides https://youtu.be/cfMeLiIPcN0
July 7 Testing for Latent TB Infection (LTBI) Edward Zuroweste, MD Slides https://youtu.be/WEmUsbPpDkc
July 14 Treatment of LTBI Alfred Lardizabal, MD Slides https://youtu.be/pmOqF5QLBFY
July 21 Testing and treatment of LTBI in children Kristina Feja, MD Slides https://youtu.be/9E23eTB4HxE
July 28 Diagnosis of TB disease Shu Hua Wang, MD

Slides & Resources

August 4 Interpreting lab results Atanaska Marinova-Petkova, DVM, MS, PhD and Angela Starks, PhD Slides https://youtu.be/J56AhO8UNSc
August 11 Treatment of TB disease Amee Patrawalla, MD Slides https://youtu.be/YvWVkt_FxmE
August 18 Diagnosis and treatment of TB disease in children Nicole Salazar-Austin, MD Slides https://youtu.be/sFnxiz65GMo
August 25 Case management and treatment adherence Patty Woods, RN, MSN Slides & Resources https://youtu.be/_OD5-2auVGg
September 1 Monitoring patients during TB therapy Henry Fraimow, MD Slides https://youtu.be/Xx4dPwzFnQc
September 8 Infection control James Sunstrum, MD Slides https://youtu.be/MWxc7ERwy8I
September 15 Contact investigations Patty Woods, RN, MSN Slides https://youtu.be/ckTuB8Wc2xA