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Cultural Competency

Cultural Competency and Tuberculosis Care: A Guide for Self-Study and Self-Assessment

This print resource was developed for the public health workforce and other healthcare providers.
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Issue #22 "Showing
We Care "Fall 2018

In this article, we will explore the many challenges faced by both the patient and the public health nurse as we examine the collaborative approach taken to ensure treatment completion.
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Issue #21 "In a New Country, She Had a Village " Fall 2017 

Issue #20 "Supportive Adjustment to a New Life Makes TB Care Possible " Fall 2016 

Issue #19 "Patient Centered TB Care: Meeting in the Middle, Nigeria to New Hampshire " Fall 2015

Issue #18 "Understanding Cultural Differences " Fall 2014

Issue #16 "Assessing Ourselves" Winter 2013

Issue #15 "From Isolation to Vocation" Summer 2012

Issue #14 "Finding My Voice" Spring 2012

Issue #13 "No Woman Is An Island" December 2011

Issue #12 "Complex Caring: The Challenge of TB-HIV Co-Infection" December 2010

Issue #11 "A Family Affair" June 2010

Issue #10 "Engaging the Patient" December 2009

Issue #9 "My Interpretation" Winter 2009

Issue #8 "Working with Migrant Farm Workers" Fall 2008

Issue #7 "Reaching Out to Burmese Refugees" Spring 2008

Issue #6 "A Patient Centered Approach" June 2007

Issue #5 "SPECIAL ISSUE: TB and the Subculture of Methamphetamine Users" Winter 2007

Issue #4 "We are going to go through this together" June 2006

Issue #3 "Brother to Brother" December 2005

Issue #2 "Dose by Dose" December 2004

Issue #1 "Striving Towards Cultural Competence: An Outreach Perspective" June 2004