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Program Strategies

Basic Epidemiology for Tuberculosis Program Staff

The 2nd edition of this guide provides a background on basic epidemiology for TB program staff as well as descriptions of how these concepts can be put to... Read More

Implementing Legal Interventions for the Control of Tuberculosis

This resource describes a process by which TB programs can effectively implement legal interventions to gain and maintain the adherence of their... Read More

Performance Guidelines for Contact Investigation: The TB Interview

This manual provides a structured plan for the training, development and evaluation of healthcare workers involved in contact investigation. It focuses... Read More

TB Interviewing for Contact Investigation: A Practical Resource for the Healthcare Worker

This resource set includes an interview checklist and detailed TB interview outline booklet. The checklist ... Read More

Tuberculosis Education and the Congregate Setting Contact Investigation: A Resource for the Public Health Worker

The TB education session is a vital part of the congregate setting... Read More

Tuberculosis Contact Investigation in Congregate Settings: A Resource for Evaluation

This resource is designed for use in the evaluation of contact investigations in congregate... Read More




Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) Toolkit

This resource will provide health departments with the ability to identify healthcare facilities in the community where targeted TB testing and... Read More

Performance Guidelines: A Supervisor’s Guide for the Development and Assessment of Field Investigation Skills

This resource provides supervisors with methods for training and tools to assess a healthcare worker's field... Read More

TB Field Investigation: A Resource for the Health Care Worker

This resource describes the TB field investigation process including pre-investigation preparation, communication with individuals in the field... Read More

Tuberculosis Case Management: A Guide for Nurses

This guide, intended for nurses who are responsible for case management of patients with TB, provides information on the TB case management process... Read More