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Rifamycin Drug-Drug Interactions: A Guide for Primary Care Providers Treating Latent Tuberculosis Infection

This guide summarizes drug-drug interactions (DDI) between drugs commonly used in primary care and rifamycins, in the context of treatment of latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI). Note that in the 2020 Guidelines for the Treatment of LTBI from the Centers for Disease Control and Preventionrifampin and rifapentine are each included in preferred regimens for LTBI. Rifabutin is not included in a preferred regimen for LTBI and is included here only for reference. Many rifamycin DDIs can be managed with clinical monitoring or dosage modifications. In this table form DDI guide, drugs are grouped
by class; medical providers can access clinical recommendations for each drug and compare drug options within the same drug class. 

For treatment of (active) tuberculosis disease, or if you have additional questions regarding LTBI therapy or DDI, please consult an infectious diseases specialist, your local public health department, or your
regional TB Center of Excellence.

More information on LTBI treatment options can be found here:

Additional resources for providers are also available at:

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