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Implementing Legal Interventions for the Control of Tuberculosis

This resource describes a process by which TB programs can effectively implement legal interventions to gain and maintain the adherence of their patients. Legal interventions are described as a method of last resort, to be implemented in the least restrictive environment possible while balancing the rights of the patient with those of the public. As such, the resource discusses elements that every TB treatment regimen should include, such as case management and the use of incentives and enablers. Included are teaching cases and sample letters that TB programs can adapt to suit local needs.

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Additional documents (forms) may also be viewed by selecting the links below (must have Microsoft Word installed):

  • Health Officer's Order for Contact Evaluation [DOC]
  • Health Officer's Order for Treatment/Medical Evaluation Adherence [DOC]
  • Warning Notice for Contact Evalutaion [DOC]
  • Warning Notice for Treatment/Evaluation Non-Adherence [DOC]
  • Warning Notice for Contact Evaluation [DOC]
  • Warning Notice Treatment/Medical Evaluation Non-Adherence [DOC]