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Ethics of Tuberculosis Prevention, Care, and Control: A Training Curriculum

This two-day training course, Ethics of Tuberculosis Prevention, Care and Control, is an interactive training programme focused on the application of ethical values within tuberculosis (TB) control programmes in international settings.  The course content is based on the World Health Organization’s Guidance on the ethics of tuberculosis prevention, care and control, released in 2010. The course also incorporates the document, Ethics of TB Prevention, Care and Control: An Assessment Tool for National Tuberculosis Programmes. The overall goal of the course is to introduce the concept of ethics in tuberculosis prevention, care and control, and to sensitize and educate delegates on the application of ethical values in their work.  

The target audience for this training course may include frontline health care workers who provide care and support to patients at risk of, or those who have been diagnosed with TB and other local, provincial, or national staff who work to towards TB control and elimination.

TB programmes, or others who provide training to those involved in TB prevention care and control, can use the course materials (links provided below) to conduct their own trainings. Instructions on how conduct this training are provided in the Facilitator Guide. The complete set of course materials can be found below.

This training curriculum is made possible by the support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The information provided in this course is the sole responsibility of University Research Co., LLC and its partner the Global Tuberculosis Institute and do not necessarily reflect the views of USAID or the United States Government.


Facilitator Materials

Participant Materials

Course Presentations (PowerPoint Slide Sets and Delegate Handouts)
Day 1

  • Module 5: Information, Counseling and the Role of Consent

Day 2

  • Module 8: Health Care Worker Rights and Obligations
  • Module 9: Involuntary Isolation and Detention  as a Last Resort Measure
  • Module 10: Research on TB Care and Control
  • Module 11:  Conclusion