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Lo que deben saber los padres sobre la infección de la tuberculosis en los niños (What Parents Need to Know About Tuberculosis (TB) Infection In Children)

This brochure contains the same information as the English language brochure, except in Spanish, however, it prints on legal sized paper (8.5"x 14") and is designed to be folded in thirds. It provides parents with important information on tuberculosis infection in children. It is designed in a question and answer format with highlighted information for quick and easy readability. The information in the tri-fold brochure ranges from the definitions of tuberculosis (TB) infection and TB disease to diagnosis and treatment of TB infection. In addition, tips on treatment improving adherence are provided to ensure completion.

The brochure can be distributed to parents of children with latent tuberculosis infection and can also used by health care providers when providing education on LTBI to parents. This product is intended to be downloaded, printed and distributed at health department clinics or other locations where treatment of children with LTBI is provided. The brochure is available online only and may be printed and distributed as is using the pdf version. You may also modify it to include specific contact information for your clinic by doing one of the following:

  • Place a label containing clinic information on the printed brochure.
  • Use Adobe Acrobat PDF Writer to electronically add clinic information to the brochure, or download the Word version and type or write clinic information in the designated spot on the back of the brochure.

For technical assistance with this product, please contact Anita Khilall at or at (973) 972-9102.

This material only includes tips for the use of INH in the treatment of latent TB infection and is currently being updated.

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