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Designing a Tuberculosis Standardized Patient Program for Medical Students

A Standardized Patient (SP) is an individual trained to portray a specific patient and to interact with the healthcare professional/worker as a... Read More

Identifying Missed Opportunities for Preventing Tuberculosis

This manual is to be used with active TB cases to document the extent to which cases could have been prevented. The methodology identifies... Read More

World Medical Association - TB Refresher Course

This World Medical Association course for is intended as a refresher for physicians in international settings (both public and private) who may be involved in the management ... Read More



Facility TB Profile for Targeted Testing and Treatment of Latent TB Infection

This resource will provide health departments with the ability to identify healthcare facilities in the community where targeted TB testing and treatment of LTBI are likely.... Read More

Mantoux Tuberculin Skin Testing - A Training Guide

This training manual includes materials on TB fundamentals and administration, reading and interpretation of the Mantoux tuberculin skin test. It provides the methodology... Read More